Metamask sometimes stuck on operations

When we use MetaMask for our dapp frequently the MetaMask stuck on loading.
When I close the MetaMask popup and open again the loading is gone.

Here is an example of the MetaMask console when this issue happens.

How can we fix this issue?




What version of MM are you using?


The latest: 10.25.0

Hello @RomanL !

Does this happen with every transaction? Do you have other crypto wallets installed in the browser you are using?)


I have the same problem in Chrome and there is no way to fix it. In Firefox it works correctly

@eddie76 , to piggyback off of @snwlprd.eth 's response, do you have any other crypto wallets installed on Chrome?


Almost every transaction. The MetaMask got stuck.
I have only MetaMask on my browser.
I’ve tested other wallets like Coinbase and all works fine but MetaMask stuck.


If you have any other addon or extension on your browser, can you try a browser profile with nothing but MetaMask?

If this does not help, please reach out to our live support. You can connect at choose the start a conversation bubble, answer a few questions from the chatbot and you will be connected with live support.


Were you able to find a fix for this? I am having the exact same issue, seems to be on chrome. New profile did not solve the issue. Currently testing firefox and have not encountered the issue just yet.

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Hi @samclay8 ,

Please reach out to support on the path outlined above your message. Thanks!

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