Metamask To Ronin wallet wrong address Please help

I used Ronin Bridge to Transfer my AXS from metamask to my Ronin Wallet by Depositing
i accidentally copied my Metamask and input it from my public metamask address 0xbCBf052db0C695ab6719c284de6dCE9647195dB2 i changed it to ronin:bCBf052db0C695ab6719c284de6dCE9647195dB2 as a newbie mistake… can you please let me know what can you guys do make it right?

Transaction ID: 0xc8d473c73ba513c00b42a1c55e38a9e693a37b9774ea2ae60b61827c19812d03

Upon researching my AXS where all there including 1 slp that it tried if its a legit ronin address

as you can see my metamask address : 0xbCBf052db0C695ab6719c284de6dCE9647195dB2
and the ronin address : ronin:bCBf052db0C695ab6719c284de6dCE9647195dB2 the only difference is ronin: and 0x from the start that i doubt is not possible not unless the system make the ronin address to receive the wrong sent asset.

Kindly please check thank you

Easy @abbylaine install Ronin Wallet to another browser (Firefox or Chrome)
Importing a MetaMask seed to Ronin Wallet :smiley: and boom you see yours AXS

How to reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase:

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thanks mate i works… ill just figure out how i can send it to my other ronin account… much appreciated…

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