Transaction not received from binance to metamask

Good Day All
can anyone assist me please in following matter.
i transferred the AXS to my METAMASK wallet using RON Network.
i have added the AXS token to metamsk wallet already.
when i search with TxId on ether scan it doesn’t find any transaction
here is TxId

Hi @nkhan If you used Ronin network :point_down: you see the transaction here

But MetaMask :fox_face: wallet not supports Ronin network.
But it doesn’t matter :smile: because you have a seed phrase.

Download Ronin Wallet and :point_down: use MetaMask seed phrase

in Ronin Wallet you will see your AXS tokens :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks alot
i do have Ronin wallet i can see the transaction on ronin block explorer but when i check axs in ronin wallet its also Nothing

@nkhan and used MetaMask seed phrase in Ronin Wallet?
You can send some screenshot your Ronin Wallet.

Your AXS tokens are at address ronin:5bdd…77c4
but your Ronin Wallet shows the address ronin:827a…bc0b

You used seed phrase from MetaMask wallet?


this is my metamask address i used RON network but sent the axs on this address

@nkhan and you imported MetaMask seed phrase into Ronin wallet? :point_down:

no m using ronin on its own seed phrase

you want me to import meta seed phrase in to ronin wallet ?

YES MAN :smile: install Ronin Wallet on another browser and use MetaMask seed phrase

le me do that will revert to you shortly :melting_face:

OK :smiley: I am waiting.


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take a sip of warm cofee .
thanks buddy

saw them
can i simply send them to other ronin wallet?

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YES :slightly_smiling_face: send AXS token to your Ronin Wallet

thank you so much true man :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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