Missing AXS from Metamask to Ronin Wallet

Yesterday, i’ve transferred 4.099 AXS from my metamask to my ronin wallet. Everything is positive, correct address, looking at the gas fees agreed. And successfully transferred even on etherscan its stated ‘success’.

But i’ve waited more than 24 hours until today itself i still did not receive my AXS from my metamask appearing on my ronin wallet neither my marketplace ronin interface. Sending emails to axie support and metamask support yet no luck on their replies yet

Anyone have any problems similar as well?

This is the Transaction Hash:


As i stated above my transaction id had been successful transfered but yet no reflecting on my ronin wallet.

Thank you

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they just appeared in my metamask import account of ronin… but… they doesnt appear in my ronin wallet.

but now… any ideas to pull them back to metamask to bridge them to ronin the correct way???

same issue for me on this, though mine doesnt show AXS on my assets

Hi! I have the exact same problem! May i know know how you have solved this? Thanks a lot in advanced!