Metamask unable to connect to ETH mainnet

Using MetaMask Extension in Brave Browser on win10. Since couple of days I’m unable to connect to ETH mainnet (Error Message: “we can’t connect to ethereum mainnet”). Switching from/between still working networks (Polygon, BSC, avax, zksync, arbitrum, optimism, linear-Testnetwork) doesn’t solve it, goerli- and sepolia-testnets are also unable to connect. Any solutions?

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Hello @Jaysens !
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What version of Brave browser do you have installed? And also the MetaMask version?
Does the error occur in the wallet UI or in the console?
Is there any other error output in the console?


The Brave Version is 1.52.130 (chromium: 114.0.5735.198) 64-bit

MetaMask Version is 10.33.1

The Error occurs in both, the drop down from extendion Icon (UI?) as well as in full screen display in the browser.

That’s the only error shown, all the same for ETH mainnet, goerli, sepolia and now as well for Linea. Other Networks are not affected.

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The issue may be related to the RPC/VPN. Changing the RPC may resolve the issue. You can use the following link to change the Ethereum RPC. Click on the small arrow at the bottom of the Ethereum box and add a new RPC. Please remove the 2 spaces I inserted in the link.
https:// chainlist. org/


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