Metamask wallet corrupt popup

I’ve got a popup on my PC with the following message:
“Metamask wallet has been corrupt, Please restore it!”
Is this legit?
I have a print screen, but I can’t upload a picture since I’m a new user.

Wouldn’t click that with a 20-foot pole, mate.

So I can finally upload the pictures:

Hmm :roll_eyes: this is not legit.

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Thanks for confirming

If you entered your seed to “restore it”, you should assume your wallet has been compromised and the funds will be stolen. I recommend installing MetaMask from onto a new browser such as Firefox, then create a new wallet with new recovery phrase. Write it down, and never input it on any sites or share it with anyone. Then, go to your current MetaMask instance and send your remaining balances to the new MetaMask instance.


Also, what website were you on when you saw this message? Can you find it and share with us so we can investigate it more closely?