MetaMask WETH to Binance.US

Was just trying to move ETH from Metamask to BinanceUS. Need ERC20 tokens in your Binance ETH account. Converted Metamask ETH to WETH for ERC20. Then transferred the WETH to my BinanceUS ETH address. Its taking a long time. On Metamask end it shows the transaction completed successfully. Did I make a mistake, or does this just take many hours to complete? Thanks.

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i dont have binanceUS. are you sure binanceUS supports WETH?

Thought I had to convert ETH to WETH because binanceUS ETH address says “send ERC20 tokens only to this address”. WETH is ERC20, but guess I misunderstood. Submitted a Binance support ticket, hopefully I can get my WETH back. I was rushing and didn’t take my time to get it right.