Send WI can't send WETH from metamask to binance

I wrapped my eth i’m uniswap and the weth si i’m my metamask wallet, but when I try to send them yo binance, the next button si disabled, si I cannot continue with the withdrawal. I need help pls.

@fnsl24 and you have some ETH? to paying for WETH transaction :yen: :dollar:

I have 10 USD of eth in metamask, is enough?

Maybe it’s a little ETH :laughing:

I had just deposited 20 USD more, but the issue persists :thinking:

No, it’s the first time. I use the account everyday without problems

Yes, but they only sent me an automatic reply, so I’m still waiting :man_shrugging:t5:

Emergency option: download Trust Wallet app. Import metamask seed into this wallet and try to send your WETH.

Thanks, I’ll wait a little more and if they don’t help me, I’ll give it a try


@fnsl24 or try the metamask wallet on another browser :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: good idea.