Accidentally sent Metamask WETH to BinanceUS ETH

Not going to get into how I did this, but it is done. I sent a ticket into BinanceUS, but haven’t heard anything in a week.

Transaction showed complete on Metamask end.

Transaction ID was available on BinanceUS for a few days, which I copied down, but is now not there anymore.

Is this something that most likely BinanceUS is working on reversing, or have I lost my WETH?

Bump, hoping to get a response on this.

Hello. Any input on this would be appreciated.

Have you tried reaching to metamask support so the can help you

Simply lay your complains directly to metamask on there whatsap on+ the will help you resolve your issue fast , like the did for me,good luck

Have a ticket open with both MetaMask and BinanceUS. No response from either, over a week now.

Thanks a ton for the what’s app, gonna pass though.