MetaSwap stuck (TKing) tokenss lost. Please Help!

MetaMask Ticket #287695 [New] Stuck Swap - Missing Funds
I have not received a response on the above ticket.
Brief overview…I initiated a swap in metaswap from: (TKING) to (ETH) on Aug 17th @ 2:24pm. All gas fees were taken. I was not aware of the possibility of a “stuck” transaction even occurring so I just waited hours expecting it to finally clear. I followed your troubleshooting procedures as outlined in the help section. First, I attached supporting screenshots along with transaction ID and “state Log” per your instruction for further review. Still have not received any response. 2nd, per your instructions I reset my wallet. Logged back with security phrase and my tokens are gone/lost.
They are [Tiger King (TKING) tokens 4,605,060] valued at the time@ $1022.36 “swapped” for ETHERIUM.
I’m hoping to (at least) get back my 4,605,060 tokens. Notwithstanding that I really lost $1022.00 on my investment plus all the gas fees.
Thanks in advance!

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And thank you for replying. I really do appreciate that regardless to the outcome.

Best regards

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Any solution? I had the same problem with a PVU Swap