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I looss Eth when I swap it With kidhu. My swap failed. but deducted eth and dont gain Kishu…
what can I do??

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hello i swap my my bnb to mng token the pancakeswap it says that 2600 mng is what I received but in my metamask wallet it’s only 2340.Can I retrieve my missing funds?

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could this MNG be a rebase token project?

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Hi @zohal5050 Can you help to open a support ticket here with your wallet’s public key and transaction hash and we can take a further look Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.

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Hi, please help me locate my missing SKILL TOKENS. I already submitted a ticket to Metamask support. Please investigate. Thank you!

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How can I find my token, when I exchange my ETH bep20 to USDT erc20 using metamask exchange. The transaction was successful but I didnt get my funds.

Guys, I entered a swap that has been hanging for 2hrs. It says not enough gas when I tried speeding up and when trying to cancel. Please help!!!

i have slp to metamask but i cannot send to binance because of the high gas fee. can i swap slp in metamask?

You lost all the ETH that you use for the transaction or just the fee ?