Missing button "LOW", "MEDIUM" & "HIGH" in Edit priority for estimated gas fees

Hi Guys…
Today I noticed some weird behavior in Metamask regarding editing of gas fees and have questions about it.
I usually use Metamask Browser Extension only in conjunction with my hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S).
In my last transactions I have always set the gas fee to " HIGH", and I wanted to do the same today.
But to my surprise I couldn’t, because the selection fields “LOW”, “MEDIUM” & “HIGH” don’t appear there. As a new user, i am not allowed to upload screenshots here, so I have to explain - sorry for that.
My steps for a transaction by using Hardware wallet account:

  1. Added Recipient ETH Address
  2. Added Amount
  3. Clicked on NEXT
  4. Clicked in point Estimated gas fee on EDIT
  5. Pop up window “Edit priority” opened, and here I can only see the rough Fee in USD and only 2 fields, a) Gas Limit and b) gas price (Gwei) where I can change the numbers for both fields…
    BUT the buttons “LOW”, “MEDIUM” & “HIGH” are not shown and also the info "up to $ x.xx (x.xxx ETH) … likely in <30seconds) is not there

If I change in the point “My Accounts” from my Ledger hardware account to a metamask (Account1) and do the same things as above explained, everything is fine and everything is shown…

Due to the different displays, I am not sure if everything is okay with my metamask and therefore I have refrained from executing a transaction so far.

I would be happy if someone can help me out.

This seems like a common problem, but we’re all being totally blanked by Metamask support