Missing crypto after sending tether to a BNB address

I had attempted to transfer about $700 USD worth of tether from my coinbase account to my metamask account’s BNB wallet address but the transaction was lost. I realize now I should have setup a tether wallet first before sending and I do not know how to retrieve the lost tether sent to the BNB wallet within my metamask.

Could someone please help me recover the lost tether and help return it to my coinbase account so i can send over BNB instead? Im not sure how to recover the tether which was sent but i see the transaction from the coinbase explorer showing the tether sent. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Same here… Did you solve it finally? I just did it adding the token but the token changed. It’s not the original Tether (USDT) you sent. You will recieve the one with the dollar symbol instead of a T in a green shield. Search for Binance-Peg (BSC-USDT).

I used this token address but still DYOR: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955

Decimal: 18

Yes its solved. Whew…Thanks!!