Missing transactions after Restore

I had to reinstall my MetaMask in chrome (on windows) due to a crash of chrome. I used my secret pass-phrase to restore my account successfully. (I did not use the private key to restore.)
But I have one problem. There are none of my previous transactions visible in the transaction-history. Is there a way to import/load all the old transactions into the MetaMask plugin? I know I can see them on the different chain-explorers.

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After reinstalling the wallet, the transaction history is cleared, but of course all transactions remain in the blockchain.
To track activity, use the Porfolio service from MetaMask, it’s very convenient, because all the chains are collected in one place.:

You can learn more about MetaMask Portfolio here:


thanks for your answer. I know the portfolio-site.
But it would be nice if MM imported the transactions after restoring (other wallets can do that). But maybe that’s a feature request an not a support issue :slight_smile:

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@tvs this feature will definitely come in the future :wink:

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