Transaction History Missing - For Taxes

Hi Marvelous MetaMask folks!

I just saw that my transactions on the Matic Mainnet using MetaMask aren’t showing up in my transaction history. I will need these to do taxes.

It’s showing up for my Ethereum transactions, but nothing on Matic. They all show up correctly with my correct wallet on Polyscan, but not on MetaMask.

Any thoughts on how to get Matic transactions to show up on MetaMask? Thank you!

Hello, you’ll need to restore and reset your wallet. All history will be back after that

Thank you for the reply! When I get to the screen where it says reset account, it says “Resetting your account will clear your transaction history.”

I want to find my previous transaction history, I don’t want it to be cleared.

All my coins are showing up OK right now, it’s just the transaction history that’s not showing.

Wanted to double check.

Support will create a testnet link to restore your wallet using your keys. After the restore all history will be back.

Hmm that doesn’t sound right that they would need my keys to restore history…

It’s an automatic wallet restore on the MetaMask interface.