Metamas Reset and deleted

Can anybody help me here,i accidentally reset my account in metamask, my transaction and my crypto on it is gone.what will i do to to have my transaction back i need that because i have pending transaction, im not yet done on it. i will lost my money.

Firstly why you reset account… It will delete all yhe the transaction history from your device only… So they are all visible on the chain explorers…
For the account reinstall it from seed phrase or better from secure key and all will be back ok but without transaction history. Ciao

my transaction is stuck. i cant do anything right now. i contact metamask everyday but theres no answer… i just want it to be back to my account if they dont process it

Please read my previous answer, do some research and reflection and answer my question… Provide also your wallet address. Ciao

thank you for your reply, i do some research and I saw that I only sent 0 cyt in my coinary hub.
it means its pending in my deleted wallet address…
i saw in bscscan that my money is still there… the problem is how can I retrieve my wallet
this is my deletes wallet address


how can i reinstall my seed phase to get my old wallet?

when i reset my wallet, the wallet address also change…

When i Reset my wallet, the account number change! how rude is that.
how can i retrieve my old wallet.
I need my money back. thats your fault.
I know my phrase and everything, i have proofs…you just need to return my money and my account wallet

this is my wallet address you deleted.


when i reset my account you change it

how can i get my money back if you gave me another wallet address.

this is the new address you given



(Attachment export-token-0xd9025e25bb6cf39f8c926a704039d2dd51088063.csv is missing)

Okay Maureen… Good news is that all your funds are in your original wallet… No pending s nostrange tx… Your last transaction is for 0 cut… it could be an authorization?
Anyway I suggest you check your seed phrase and be 100% sure they match then go in Metamask support site and search for this article
How to add missing accounts after restoring with Secret Recovery Phrase
Good luck. Ciao

how about retrieving my other seed phase? i lost the paper, i only have 6words left…
thats the first time i made a metamask account… i have 2 wallet in metamask… maybe it goes to the one that got away
can you tract that?

can you comnunicate to bscscan??
they all have ny proofs :relieved:

Okay Maureen this change a lot the situation…
I’m afraid to say that only you have the seed phrase in all the universe, so if you cannot find it your wallet and funds are lost for ever…
So calm, take a big breath and find where the correct seed phrases could be… You have no other choice.
Good luck

i have the copy of my qr code but i need to unlock the wallet … how can i do that

Okay great job
Let’s pray that the QRCode Will be the right one. Basically it depends where you eant to reinstall it. If on mobile 1 just delete Metamask and reinstall new. Then have the QR pic on another device screen (PC or mobile 2).
Then on mobile 1 click on CREATE NEW WALLET, SCAN QR et voilà.
This is a general advice and you can find more detailed instructions in Metamask support FAQ… How to import wallet from QR.
Fingers crossed for you.
Let’s me know about your success if you like. Ciao