Mobile: no sync option

Hi ,

Looking to sync my browser metamask to my mobile.

The only option is the import using seed phrase. This option asks for password rest.

Is this the corret way to sync ? Any danager of doing this way ?

Please post in proper sections.

At current the mobile and browser extension don’t sync. The reason for this is we don’t store any information about your accounts, thus don’t have the information to migrate to a new device.

Metamask acts as an access point to your blockchain accounts. The Secret Recovery Phrase grants access to that account (hence why its so critical to keep it securely backed up) the password only grants access the the app (which then grants access to the SRP behind it)

The password is only for that local device. So your phone and computer can use completely different passwords for the same Secret Recovery Phrase (I like to think of the SRP as the account itself, they’re that closely linked)

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