Modifying code for AppLockMonitor

We wish to obtain approval to modify some of the MetaMask code for our own company:

• AppLockManager: This code handles the auto-locking of the app after a defined period. The code was inspired by this file.
• (Company)Keychain: This component contains code for authentication (by pin or biometrics). Most of the code just makes use of the open source library react-native keychain. However, there are some overlaps with MetaMask code that can be found here.

Any help and confirmation that this is ok would be greatly appreciated, having spoken to the agent at MetaMask, they said to post this request here to gain approval.

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Hello @nab208, welcome to MetaMask community!

Try exploring MetaMask Flask with its Snaps functionality. Might be the solution for what you are asking about.

You can read more about that here:


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