Money transfered via Transak but transaction transpired | No money received

Hi all,

I have initiated a transfer from my bank account via Metamask and Transak. I have completed the bank transaction with the reference code provided by Transak. When I switched back from my banking app to Metamask / Transak, the app didn’t show the transaction screen anymore but led me to the start screen. Hence, I was unable to click on the confirmation that I have submitted the money. Later on I received the mail from Metamask that my transaction expired. I have done the bank transfer and it has been debited on the 3rd of May, so far no money has arrived. How can I solve this?

Same problem here, says failed but I have made the bank transfer and it has left my bank account over an hour ago.

Can metamask team help please me aswell

now resolved, had to go through as if was going to deposit more money