Moonriver mainnet swap


I’ve swapped ETH from ETH mainnet to ETH on moon river mainnet.

How do I find the ETH in moo river mainnet?


Pending swap for 30 hours transaction dropped but still nothing received… please help :sob::sob::sob:


Who are you please ?

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Restored and no luck.

Still no MOVR.

Any other suggestions?

Account 3 was created when I restored. )

Hi Guys welcome to the MetaMask community.
Be aware of scammers and try not to share any transaction hashes or wallet’s public address in a public forum.

@Cosmos12 The transaction hash you provided was a transfer from one wallet to another wallet. the funds are still on the ethereum mainnet.
These apps are third-party. It is important to confirm its legitimacy before use.

@Michael10 was your transaction with this moonriver swap as well? Dropped transactions act as if no transaction has happened. If you need further support please open a support ticket via the support link in MetaMask app or extension.

Thanks, any suggestions on how to retrieve it or have it put into my wallet?

do you have access to the “to” wallet address of the transaction? If so you can import that wallet onto MetaMask then add the token contract. If you need further assistance please open a support ticket via the Support link in MetaMask app or extension.