Move manually created test networks to "show test networks" section

Description: When you manually add a new test network, it is added with the other mainnet networks, and these test networks are rarely used again.

Purpose: When we add testnet networks with mainnet networks it gets hard to distinguish between the mainnet and the testnet and because some of these testnets are used by it’s users once every month or never again, and it would take space in the mainnet list, it would be better if it would be possible to be able to move the testnet networks from the mainnet networks to the “show test networks” section. This will be very helpful especially for airdrop farmers as these testnet networks will be used once a month or maybe just once and never used again.

For example: In the image I uploaded, I would like to move the test networks “Taiko Katla L2”, “Karak testnet” and “Holesky” to the “show testnet networks” section instead of it being with the mainnet networks as I don’t use these test networks as often as the mainnet networks.

Also, being able to upload a picture to the mainnet and tesnet networks that don’t have a logo would be faster and better to distinguish between them when going through the list.

Extension/Mobile/Both: Both

Thank you! :slight_smile: