My BSC wallet address has been changed

Plz help I sent bnd to a wrong address. When I copied the address from the metamask wallet , but when I paste there was wrong address 0xfADDDFc51568a1a3e5d3E6dDb1FA3AF22cf2f6DC in my withdrawal address and the bnb coin gets send to this address.

plz hekp

I recovered my metamask account and realised that the fund in my Bsc has disappeared. why I check the address I realise that the address had changed. I was wondering how possible this can be? Please metamask should do something to get me an answer to this. saw same problem from other people .


I have the same problem. I don’t know what’s happening. Please let me know if you resolved it. Thank you for your time.

no man I didn’t get it back forget it