Metamask (bnb network) adress changed

Hello guys,

today a was creating the cardano wallet for my ledger and i needed to unistall metamask on my chrome becouse of a bugg
the problem is when i use my recovery key and i add again the network of binance, the adress of my binance network changed too, so i lost all my found on it
can some one help me?


Hello. When scan your address does it show your balance or empty ?

i have already this adress : 0x85185A1311BD183477F568386F9B98b4EF771e1E ( this is zero)

my lost adress is : 0x235C86c8ABAF18b60F481Ce3DFb7EEC91b3bB861 (this one not)

and i remeber perfcly that i did not a new wallet, becouse i was pissed off cuzz i needed to write the recovery phrase for 3 time ahaha then i clicked on show and i forgot to make the space between every word ahah

i think i found out why dont work
when i created a new network the account metamask automacly create a new account, but with out to say that the account have a own private key. so i think i can not get my account back becouse i dont have the private key

If Metamask created a new account it will be based on your initial recover phrase, so try making new wallets and your old address should appear in those new wallets.


same problem. I am having a hard time here. Have you resolved your problem sir?

follow what our friend cbayschm say, its worked for me

thanks mate, your are the best

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I have same issue. My address was changed. My assets and my initials are missing. I have a hard time to fix it. What wallet did you used? Thank you for your time.

When scan the address on etherscan what does it show ?

Good Day sir.
I have same problem. Have you resolved this?
My old address in metamask changed and I have a hard time to fix. Thank you for your time.