MY ETH can't transfer anymore

chrome,i use metamask transfer eth to my another address,but it stick for 2days now .what can i do now?

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Hello, please share txid to check

if i need to restore the wallet right now?

what’s the testnet link?

It’s a wallet restore link. Let me know when you’re ready to proceed.

is this is the only way to let my wallet become normal?

can i delete the metamask ,and then restore the metamask?

You can try that first. If it doesn’t work out you’ll have to restore. But this restore clears all bugs on your account.

i have 30 wallets in the metamask,if i delete it,i will must restore my wallet 30times.but the key problems is that if this will work?

I’d advice not to delete the account because you might have issues with some accounts on your MetaMask. Just restore using the MetaMask interface. You will be good after that.

thank you for you help.i restore my address with imtoken,and it everything is ok now

Great. You’re welcome