My metamask account got hacked

My metamask has got hacked and it is not showing me my coins. I went to see the smart chain and it shows my coins have been transferred to other wallet.

I can see the same number of my coins in other wallet. How should I recover them?

Please help me as I need support.

The same happened to me on 4th June and at the same time all my coins gone to other wallet. That means I been hacked as well which is not good.

Same here on june 4th… you guys know how it could happen? i don’t… i was very aware of fishing and scams…

i formated my computer changed all my passwords and will use hardware wallet so on…

but still, this is raging, i can see the hacker eth adress on etherscan… but what is our ressources?

attacker public adress is 0x9C4Ab5727C76563F8C386C3E78672b4F9CdBDE5B

Did you download any cracks for programs like kmx activator? I suspect that’s what got me.

Here is another address 0xbdDc735018127a8F977536a2aF132fCb7d26767D
Check you contacts this was in my contacts

just for info

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merhaba 06-02-2021 08:18:39 tarihinde sahip olduğum bütün jetonlar 0xbddc735018127a8f977536a2af132fcb7d26767d bu adres tarafından çalındı. benim onayım olmadan tüm jetonlar bu cüzana aktarılmış. ne yapmam gerektiğini bilmiyorum lütfen biri bana yardımcı olsun…

no i did not, i cant believe the guy is still going with the same adress… MM ticket only lead me to : << you are responsible for your secret phrase… keep it safe >> it was secret, i understand i may got hacked, but how can the hacker continue as he want, lot of victims now