My metamask says i am connected to web3 sites but nothing is connecting

Even tho my metamask shows that I am connected to most sites, I am NOT.
I am getting this notice:
"We noticed that the current website tried to use the removed window.web3.API. If the site appears to be broken click here…for more info.
How do I fix this issue in plain simple english please?
I am a laymen when it come to tech.

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I am having the same problem and opened a ticket here at support 3 days ago but still waiting for an answer. Please do the same so they start to understand that there is more ppl having issues I dont understand why they DO NOT PROVIDE a link HERE to the correct MetaMask Legacy Web3 Extension they suggest to install! To have to go to google playstore to install a potentially fishy extention from there for something so sensible like our wallet is irresponsible in my eyes and i DO NOT INSTALL SHITS until they send me a legit link!! …so far only ethermon does not work anymore…first only not on brave, now as well no more on chrome…other pages display that error message too but still work…but how long?? Wish you good luck - as to myself. All i can say, stay alert if it comes down to install something into your metamask… seen a lot of good fake pages already…I dont trust anyone anymore that i find on google. If I find your post again after i receive ( hopefully) an answer from metamask here, will let you know. Cheers

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I’m having the same issue even after downloading the legacy extension… just opened a support ticket.

Same issue!!! the extension stopped working on my chrome browser. I have also opened up a ticket and have crickets!!!