MY money is Missing please check immediately

**PLEASE CHECK my account why does my money disappeared i just sleep for a night when i woke up my money on my metamask together with my token is all 0 please help me to resolve this problem 0x5e70a4d3Af8Ee4e3806BFa73993e63c01Fd7732e here is my account chain i dont have any recent transaction rather than the one i exchange last night for my token please check my account as soon as possible **


Same here… i have just cash in some tokens but when I woke up in the morning my ETH gone but i see some transaction that my ETH was transferred to someone, 0x7044Cf95afb7092097b62E6A03aD79fd24a48675 this is my acc wallet. and this is the account that was transferred 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 I checked this account and i see msgs that this account is stealing some tokens from other people… plss help us… Thank You Very much

Please I also lost my BNB asset I didn’t do anything or click anything but when I wake up in the morning and check my metamask I lost all my bnb please check on this I didn’t transfer anything on this account.

My address:


Transferred to this that I didn’t do:


Please help us on this.

I’ve had the same unauthroised activity on my account. I lost hundreds of thousands that was in my wallet. MM have not responded to any emails or messages. I can see they aren’t even replying to people in this thread.
They say in their user agreement they are not responsible for unauthorised activity on our accounts, but who is? they developed this program and market it as safe and secure, but it’s not.
I want my coins back. I’ve already contacted the police about this.

Just contact metamask so the can help you resolve this

Why not lay your complain to metamask directly on telegram on @metamask02 so the can help you retify your issue because the helped me resolve mine .

So they were able to return your coins?
I’ve emailed them, and sent them messages on the support page. They haven’t responded