My tigger tokens are not on Metamask

send 1 bnb My tigger tokens are not on Metamask

Hi @cirolima , welcome to the forum.
Did you try to add custom token manually ? Try that option, also if you are comfortable sharing your wallet address here so we can look into it.


Hey ciroloma,

In addition to what procyrpto shared, also make sure you’re on the bsc network. MetaMask auto defaults to Ethereum mainnet. Once you are on bsc you’ll want to use import tokens to add bnb if you don’t see bnb.

In this link, check out Luigi’s posts where he shares links and info on how to add bsc network to your wallet. Also keep in mind to always be careful you’re only transferring tokens on the same network and remember to go between networks you’ll need to use a bridge. Hope you find your tokens soon!

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I’ll make a video pro youtube talking and showing the truth about the metamask, I can see my transaction in bscscam through the hash, I can see the wallet where I deposited, who can fix everything is the metamask or pinksale where I first connected with the trust wallet then metamask


Did you click that link and add the bsc network? Once you do that, you’d manually add the tokens which is easy to do you just need to be in the right network first.

If you can confirm you’ve switched to BSC network in MetaMask, we can go to step 2 on you adding your tokens.

Ok, I made a mistake, I was with another tiger token with only 1 g, I inserted the custom token, the tokens appeared, only their value did not appear.

Ok great! So it sounds like your token appeared, you just don’t see the estimated USD under. That is typical for some tokens, especially defi or newer tokens.
Glad you found them.

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thanks, i already recovered the tokens!


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