Need some help, Not able to buy, send or swap after getting transaction fail this morning

Hi everyone. I need some guidance here on how to manage my expectations for support on my urgent ticket. I submitted my ticket yesterday and have chatted with support on my issue where I was told my ticket was prioritized but they could not tell me when I would get an update. I’ve updated my Zendesk ticket multiple times with trouble shooting data but haven’t gotten any follow up questions at all. The issue is that my ETH is locked in my wallet and I can’t buy, swap or transfers ETH, but I can authenticate and it I can cancel listings. My ETH balance is still showing in there and it decreases when gas is charges or a fee for canceling but right now my hot wallet is out of commission and on top of my ETH being locked in there I can’t buy or sell and I’m afraid to transfer anything. I want to be reasonable about how busy they are but right now I have a ton of money/NFTs at risk and I can’t even get anyone to tell me they will update me daily or in two days or whatever. Thoughts? Also I’ve already reset my wallet twice as well as uninstalled the chrome extension and mobile app so they know ther is a real issue I just need clarity on whats being done to dianose and fix it and it’s strange no one is asking me more questions. Thank you for your help

Hey @Stu_Quest, sorry to hear about the issues.

Thanks for submitting a ticket to the support team. It looks like your ticket has been escalated and one of the technical support engineers will be in contact with you. Please understand that it may take a few days to receive a response from the team.


OMG thank you for responding. :slight_smile: I genuinely appreciate it. This is a huge issue both in regards to the assets I have at risk and the money I’m losing daily by having this wallet down. It’s been difficult to get any guidance from support on how communication works and what next steps are. I also don’t know if anyone is looking at the info I’ve given you all through my zendesk ticket but there is a lot of data there that should help.

I would like to request an update tomorrow by mid-day please via the Zen desk ticket if possible? I don’t expect it will be solved by then but a substantive update about what’s going on would really help my stress levels here.

Lastly, please let your team know that I understand how busy you are and appreciate the hard work but they should be able to set expectations with customers around next steps and communication in situations like this. Saying “we will get back to you” when we know there is an issue that can’t be easily solved is an issue.

Thanks again. I honestly appreciate your support and I’m here to help answer any questions I can to help resolve this as this.

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Thank you for the patience and understanding :slight_smile:

I can’t promise any updates by tomorrow or at any specific time, but rest assured a support team member will be with you as soon as they can.

Sorry to hear about the stress. As long as you have the Secret Recovery Phrase for your wallet, you can always access it, either through another instance of MetaMask or through another wallet. Hopefully that provides some relief!

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Yes I have my recovery phrase and I can and have restored my wallet a few times but what do you mean I can access it via “another wallet?” You mean like Coinbase wallet? Can you clarify that, please? Is there an article you can send me so perhaps I can at least get my ETH out of there? The NFTs are the bigger issue but they are both significant and that wallet address is key to many of the NFT’s I’m part of in regards of so I need that wallet address. I don;t mean just sending money between wallets, as I know how to do that but I think you aresaying I can access the funds in my MM wallet via other wallets given I have the phrase yes?

I tried creating a second “Account” under that wallet (per my ticket) but that still wouldn’t let me send anything.

Correct, you can import your recovery phrase into other wallets if you would like to transfer your tokens out of your wallet before the support team responds.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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AMAZING!! I’ll let you know if this works. The NFT are still a huge issue so please keep your foot on the gas as I have some important free mints approaching but this is helpful. Thanks again and please let the support team know about this as well. As I chatted with three of them and this is the first I’ve heard. Again I’m not mad just passing on the info so they can know for the next person. :slight_smile:

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That link isnt correct in regards to how to do it just as an FYI . There isn’t a “Connect to Coinbase” section in Settings. I’ll have to figure it out with them and I’ll let you know what the deal is when I do so you an update this article

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Hi @nakedwinnie I’m still trying to work with Coinbase on how to do this but is there any update on your end? I’ve still not seen any updates in my Zendesk ticket. thank you

A support team member will be with you as soon as they can, this may take a few days, thank you for your patience!

It also does not have to be Coinbase wallet, any wallet that you can import your Secret Recovery Phrase to will allow you to move your assets, at your own discretion.

Thanks again for getting back to me. What is the update though? Has any progress been made? Why isn’t anyone updating me in Zendesk? Why isn’t anyone asking me questions? These are normal diagnostic steps I would assume no?

A support team member will be with you as soon as they can. They will contact you as soon as possible, and updates on your situation will be provided from there in Zendesk.

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OK I mean I don’t really have a choice but I hope you can appreciate my situation here. SO I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. Also I’m not saying that you are telling me I am, I genuinely appreciate your responsiveness and I know how hard your job is. what I am saying is the communication protocol around support should be different for a situation like this.

I’ll keep an eye on Zebndesk and check in with support from time to time. There is a lot of money at risk here. Thank you I appreciate your help

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Completely understand the frustration, and thank you for understanding. The team is very busy and there are thousands of tickets being submitted for MetaMask a day. Because of this, responses cannot be made immediately and updates may take a few days.

We also provide educational resources on and this community platform on so that users may be able to solve their own issues.

It’s a process we’re constantly working on improving, so thank you for your understanding!

I solved the problem with some help from a friend in the community. The issue was unfulfilled gas for the nonce I attempted that transaction on. I did a 0ETH transfer between accounts within the same wallet and move the gas, GWEI and fee up enough to compensate for the differential and it fixed it.

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Hi you might want to try Binance since they are all a part of the same system from my understanding. I believe it’s Metamask, Binance, and Trust. Binance is the main wallet system but they have a few of the BSC wallets that you can choose from that all work together. Oh and there’s Binance Chain wallet as well.

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