Need you help urgently please, recover funds


Need your help urgently please

sent tomb from metamask to my fantom wallet on an exchange bymistake

I’m about break down as this was all the money to my name $8000+

Please help, Please

hash details on ftm scan - 0x01cc458edf8e13e13da976cbdbdb147ad24c68347fd82f939112a52acd9720b6


Hi Jay @Bedtime name of the exchange site?
Need to contact their support team.


Could it be this site ?


If it is your own wallet, then it is still your money.

2 Likes is Fantom project :slightly_smiling_face: he sent it to some crypto exchange


Sent Tomb from metamask to Okx exchange. Meta mask had my fantom wallet on the exchange saved, Rushed and lost all my money. Don;t even have anything for coffee. I’m litterally broke and it’s all i had.

The exchange doesn’t support the Crypto Tomb. However that address is mine…

I’m hoping they can help otherwise i’m done, finished

Contacted exchange 2 hours ago, waiting to here back…

Has to be a way!

The issue is, Tomb isn’t supported on the exchange. However the address is mine.

On ftm scan it appears as complete. Fingers crossed…

Just the last thing needed right now, i’m back to being broke with no work or money. Can’t bear the thought to be honest…

Yeah :worried: this is a very bad situation and only support OKEx exchange can help you.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

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Please pray for me guys, i’m lost if this happens

Guys someone just tried to scam me, gave me a link on reddit to help recover funds…

i entered the URL manually. Wallet connect website came up. Just realised after googling that wallet connect have their own site with a domain matching the name.

Entered my private key on what believe was a phishing site. Have no money anyway however just in case my funds are recovered they will likely reverse to the current account. Anyway i can add further security.

Have created another metamask wallet and will transfer the funds their once confirmed however need to be quick in case scammers are keeping an eye.

Kindly advise
. Appreciate it

Don’t seek help on the reddit site :see_no_evil: ONLY OKEx support can help you :roll_eyes: nobody else.

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If someone on Reddit or other platforms contact you in private, it is 99.9999% a scammer. I’m also on Reddit and the scammers are very active there. If someone sent a link never click it, if they sent a website, never connect your wallet until you are 100% sure on what you are about to do.

Never enter or share your seed phrase (the 12 words or private key) anywhere on the internet.

I really really hope you get your money back


Okay, appreciate it.

Still waiting for a response…

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@Bedtime I wrote to OKX telegram :point_down: hehe my friend :smile: you have to wait for a support response.

PS: NEVER share your 12-word recovery phrase or private keys :exclamation:


appreciate it Luigi. BEP20 network is supported on Meta mask, will i need to switch networks and add the respective crypto/token so the refund can be initiated.

Just a reminder this was sent on the Fantom opera network from meta mask?

I’ve also received 2 replies to re assure me however could just be polite customer service as they haven’t guaranteed the refund or reassured it can be done

Thanks again

Okay, i’ve added BEP20 network to meta mask, issue i’m having is adding TOMB token which is for the fantom network.

When adding a new token it allows me to add the contract details and token name however doesn’t let me adjust decimals or network. When saving and selecting TOMB from meta mask it appears however without the above details. Sounds like it might cause an issue…

Anyway from the message received via their support option they haven’t mentioned anything about BEP20, so i’m hoping it will be straight forward.

We’ll see :slightly_smiling_face: this token is not BEP20 :sweat_smile: he was probably mistaken. There are a lot of people.