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I wanted to send my token Fantom ( FTM ER C20 ) from MetaMask to fWallet for staking them.
I didn’t see this recommandation and I made a mistake ! I used the wrong address. I sent my token to a Opera FTM Adress.
I should have passed by the adresse :multichain
I don’t know how I can get back my token.

Could someone in your organisation help me , please ? I would really like to get back my token .


Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,
I did not get exactly what you mean, but I am trying to help.

The Fantom Opera mainnet is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and MetaMask supports the network. You should be able to send your FTM back to your MetaMask wallet again. What is the issue then?

I have no idea about fWallet. Can you explain on which network you need to have your FTM?


Thanks a lot Maryam,

In fact Fwallet is Fantom’s wallet.

I sent my FTM tokens from MetaMask ( Ethereum mainnet ) to an address intended for Opera FTM tokens in the Fantom ’ wallet.
There was this message written below the adress QR Code (“warning: use this address to receive Opera FTM Only, If you are receiving FTM ERC20 you need to receive another address” which I did not do!)
So I don’t see my FTM tokens appearing in the FTM wallet balance. I don’t know where they are and how to get them back.

I tried to get in touch with a member of the Fantom team without success

I see that it is not possible to post a photo, it might be easier to understand.

What info would you need otherwise?
The transcction statut had been confirmed.



Hello @Patrick3, welcome to MetaMask community!

In this case, the FTM tokens should be in that Opera Fantom wallet, on ERC20 and only they can help you with them. Try to see if you can add Ethereum network and the FTM contract address on ERC20 in that wallet to be able to see your FTM. The tokens won’t appear on Fantom network, because you sent them from Ethereum network and the receiving end needs to have the capacity to see them.

If you don’t get any help from that wallet’s team, try importing the Secret Recovery Phrase of that wallet in a new browser with the MetaMask extension freshly installed and do as i mentioned above, with adding the FTM token contract address on Ethereum network to be able to see your tokens.


Hi @Patrick3,

Please follow what has been suggested above by Chinzilla. Hope that helps.


Thanks for your advices. I’ll do the research and let you know



Hello Chinzilla and Maryam ,

Thanks a lot for your help. It wasn’t easy but I just got it right now. A thousand thanks



Hi @Patrick3,
Great! Thanks for letting us know. Good Luck!


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