Network request-Elysium

Elysium is a AI,metaverse and game empowering chain with lightning-fast transaction speeds and unprecedented scalability, Elysium is optimized for your Game, NFT, AI, or metaverse project.
Can you guys please add Elysium chain to meta mask.
Here is the network details.

Name: Elysium Mainnet
New RPC URL: cant post link
ChainID: 1339
Currency: LAVA
Block explorer URL:cant post link

Adding Elysium Mainnet to popular chains


cant post link

Absolutely agree. We need Elysium on MetaMask please!!!

Please have auto-gas for Elysium - would make life a lot easier!

Absolutely agree. We need Elysium on MetaMask please!!!

yes please. fighting!!

Auto-gas is much needed for Elysium! Please add it!

VulcanForged is the future of GamingBlockchain/elysiumblockchain.

Add auto gas please team :heart:

Please :pray: add Elysium on MM. auto gas fees would be :+1:

Absolutely agree. We need Elysium on MetaMask please!!!

A much needed feature for this nr. 1 gaming blockchain!

Definitely need this!
So many new users joining the Elysium Network

Would be nice if this goes a bit faster (created at Nov’23) would be nice to get some urgency behind Network :green_heart:

Please fix this issue! :pray:

Yes , please . It’s so necessary

This definitely needs to be made priority! Elysium needs this to onboard new users without unnecessary hurdles.

This is the (needed) way …

yes this is a must-do!!

Def. need this. Elysium Network growing fast.

Definitely need this! Please make it so!