New Scam intent!

I just received this email which definitely is from a fake MetaMask! It was sent to an email that’s not even connected to MetaMask, and I took a screenshot of it for you all to see!! Be aware, dont get fooled and click that button!!

It’s says:

"Note! The pressure on blockchain has prevented some wallets from completing integrations and entering the new ecosystem. please (yes, starting a new sentence with a lowercase letter!) consider merging your crypto assets befire December 15, 2022.

What happens if I do not complete the update manually?

To ensure smooth access to your funds, we highly recommend upgrading your account to continue using our services. If you do not upgrade, you will lose access to all assets."


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Hi @msmcbell, welcome back!

This is indeed a scam 100%. Here are a few articles detailing more on why such emails are scams, always, and how to report them.


Yeah, it definitely was that! On the subject line it said “Your Wallet is temporarily Blocked”, which, if you’re not “awake” makes you concerned, wanting to resolve the issue a.s.a.p… So it’s never too often to remind people to beware and to be on alert before taking ANY actions - devil IS in the details after all!


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