Nitro network swap

day before yesterday in my Metamask wallet i did swap my Nitro network coins (erc 20 network ) into Avax network through nitro network portal. it was successfully completed. then again second time i did swap my remaining tokens through nitro network portal but i didn’t get back my coins. but the transfer seems success in the block chain. The metamask agent saying based on my transactions there should be two incoming transactions instead of one and advised me to need to contact the nitro network people. I tried to contact them but could not reach them. this is my transaction id .0x960cfe0fd8017a9f08fbde37547a7b9e2ee3f00230dc2e65a2b28d809ea2a17e

I got reply from them that they will check and get me back as soon as possible. i am expecting your technical support to get back my coins. thanks

systemassist is a liar. Pay attention to check other people’s time to join the forum and trust level.

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Hey @STALIN, thanks for reaching out to the support team, they will be with you as soon as they can!

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