No funds appear in wallet after new download of extension

I need help to bring funds into wallet. Yesterday i had not metamask extension.I downloaded a new one to find no funds. It wsa a nightmare. Today I checked Bscscan and I see tokens. Please send them back in wallet


this is my adress…Thank you soooooo much

man :roll_eyes: used your old Metamask seed?

i did when I downloaded extention…A couple days ago I went to check acct and no extention…I freakedout…I entered seed phrase and metamask pops up but no tokens and only one waleet

hmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and your see this address 0xbCacEdb0DBd74574ADf6b401D8b4c36ABDf6F2bc now? in metamask wallet?

you used 2 ETH account? in old Metamask?

Thanks for the help. I couldnt get on the web. I just see account 1 no account 2…account 1 empty

what happend to the extension at first…do you know why I cant see funds in wallet

and your cryptocurrencies were in account 2? your see this address: 0xbCacEdb0DBd74574ADf6b401D8b4c36ABDf6F2bc in Metamask or not?

Hey I need help I got my meta mask wallet on my phone and with seed phase I tried to add it to my chrome extension but it doesn’t show my coins. My address: 0x28a4006f5E3aa9A587FF1413d4E0Ac723Ef2CE86

mirohroncek send me a message :smiley: Miro

0x73A2f33E34287823645D8e6A77c1377a1fF833c6 this is my account acct 2 when I downloaded metamask acct 2 did not show…should I try to re download again

no no :upside_down_face: try adding account 2 again

cany you help me pls

Luigi…I used the seed only one account generated…how do I get additional account to show???thanks for your support