No quotes available - ELON

I am trying (and have for 2 days, since sat night) to swap on both desktop and mobile app moving ELON to ETH but keeps saying no quotes available but when I bought it it went/does smooth (and if I try to get a buy quote that works fine.
I have increased the slippage as high as 14% just to see if can get a quote…and still nothing. ELON has BIG volume so not sure why can not get a quote. Need help on doing so please.

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Needing help as lost thousands so far over this.

Same here, don’t know what’s wrong can swap my ELON for ETH

Same problem although different results depending on the amount of ELON I try to swap with ETH:

  • If I try $40 worth of ELON I get a quote
  • If I try $400 or $4000 then no quote

Tried on both desktop and mobile app.

Same issue - cost me tens of thousands so far in loses this week…anyway to contact metamask and ask for help?