Not enought BNB to gas fee

Hello community, I am a bit new to this world so I mistakenly exchanged all my BNB for another token and now I don’t have enough BNB to pay the gas fee :’( , my question is, is there a way to get a small amount of BNB to carry out a single transaction? ? ?
or I need to expend 15 usd buying more BNB to make this transacction?, im not eneable to spend many money for the moment its the why im asking if are any other ways. thank you

Hey @Ryujin, welcome to the MetaMask Community! :fox_face:

Definitely a common mistake, and one I made before :sweat_smile:

You will need BNB to pay for the gas fee, so you will have to transfer BNB to your account in some way, whether that be through purchasing it with your USD or transferring it from another account.