Nothing working on chrome

Nothing is working in the extension… balance wasnt loading properly… uniswap wasnt working… tried uninstalling, importing my seed just left me with a loading screen… tried on Brave browser, same issue, just a loading screen, tried on my ios device, it worked, but my balance didnt load… Please please please fix this, this is how people get phished in times of stress like this… Everything is okay on ethscan, so I know it is an extension issue

Have you tried using MM on Firefox?

Yep… tried in every browser, same thing happens, import seed leaves me with a never ending loading circle

May be a browser core problem. I don’t think switching computers should have this problem. Or you can try it in the windows of the virtual machine.

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That sounds like it may be an issue within the computer itself. (as 0coininMM noted)
I would create a new local user, reimport Metamask on your preferred browser, and see if it has the same issue on the new user.

On your iOS device did you import your tokens? or was it missing your Eth/BNB balance? (depends on which chain youre on) By default, only the native coins on a chain will be added, tokens have to be added before they will be displayed. There’s an option in experimental settings that attempts to find them and add them automatically

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