MetaMask web browser extension wont open

my metamask extension wont open, all i get is a spinning icon.

Im having the same problem all of the sudden. stuck on loading with spinning icon

on the latest version of chrome

Please help!

Hi all,

Sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing. Try clearing your web browser cache and try logging in to your MetaMask wallet again.

This is not fixing the problem. Do you have any other ideas? The wallet still loads fine in Brave but not Chrome. I have to think it is a Chrome update that Brave has not implemented yet is a guess.

Can you confirm that your web browser and MetaMask extension are up to date?

OK I just got this working. What I had to to do was change from Binance Chain back to ETH chain before I put in my password. Then it connected fine and then asked if it should change back to Binance chain on it’s own (I think 1inch site actually did the asking about changing chains not MM) when it tried to connect to BSC site.

Anyway it is working now without having to reinstall.

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Same Problem here.

Can not login, blue square with 4 inside of it, can not change network spinning icon.

Pancake swap can connects and can see assets but no verification function to add LP trade or other.

Broken web extension.

Cleared browser cache and cookies no help

How did you change Networks before putting password?
Ok…AT the top drop down.

All good works

@Louis Please try the solution for your issue found here. Let us know if this doesn’t work.