Opensea/blur listings signature

Hello, glad that you have change the signature concerning the listing from Opensea/ It was only addresses, numbers and times in unix timestamp and it was really hard to read.

However, there are several points concerning this new feature:

  1. The process becomes very slow for my computer. I don’t know whether you tried to load addresses from ens/local addresses or what, but it is very disturbing since it takes me 1 minutes everytime to list a single NFT on opensea (most of all with their seaport contract, we need to list NFTs one by one instead of a simple bulk listing). Can we have an option of using the old one instead for performance issue?
  2. Could you please add listing price in ETH instead of the number * 10e18? And also change the timestamp from unix time to readable dates.

Better performance and better UI.



Hi @renn_ALPACA ,

Could you please provide sreenshots to #2?

Regarding #1 - Some users may have noticed delayed transaction confirmations after the latest MetaMask update (Version 10.23.1). We’re now in the home stretch of verifying a fix, and hope the extension stores accept the update before the holidays!


First image: start amount/end amount in ETH (so literally divided by 10e18) would be adorable
Second image: Readable start time/end time (considering local time zone will be evenbetter).

Thanks for your reply!

Thank you!

It looks like there is a fix in place. Let us know if you have more issues after completing the update. Please make sure you have your Secret Recovery Phrase written down somewhere safe (offline) and never share it with anyone or input anywhere online except when restoring our account. :slight_smile: