Extremely Slow Interactions When Signing TXs

Hello everyone,

I’ve tried to search on the subject but couldn’t find a similar one, so here it is.
When I try to batch list my NFTs, for ex 10 items, it takes too much time to load up the TX signing pop-up. Here’s a little video to show you how annoying this is. (Sorry can’t upload video in here, nor share a link.)

And after a while, even the pop-ups stops popping up anymore. I have to close Chrome and relaunch it to fix this pop up issue.

I’m really ok with pop-up issues but this lagged and slow signing is so frustrating.
Even when I’m already on my desktop, I just use my iPhone to list my items cause it’s way way faster.

Cheers and happy new year!

Here is the tweet with screen recording video. Had to share this for you to understand the issue.

https: //twitter. com/eNFThusiast/status/1605922941836742656


Hello. What version of the extension are you running? The latest version (10.23.2) has a fix for lag during signing TXs, while the previous MetaMask update (10.23.1) had delayed transaction confirmations issues.


Hey, it’s the latest version (10.23.2)


Thanks for including a video. We’ve passed along to the team!

Thank you, hoping for a good fix on the next update.
It’s just really important you know. Cheers!


Listing 20 items in a batch on desktop takes like 3-5 minutes depending on the marketplace.
Listing 20 items in a batch on mobile takes less then 30 seconds, independent of the marketplace.

3-5 minutes may not be seem too much of a time but if you consider larger numbers of listings, it’s literally killing all the joy.

FYI, cheers.


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