Too Much Waiting Time While Signing TXs


I had this issue reported earlier: Extremely Slow Interactions When Signing TXs

But now I see that it was closed without proper reaction. Why is that?
And this issue is still on!

Just a little while ago, I had created a batch listing on LooksRare with 82 items.
Started on 5.01 pm and finished on 5.18 pm. Took 17 minutes to list 82 items on batch listing.

I believe this is an issue so I don’t understand why it’s been closed.
Is someone even looking into it?


Topics are closed automatically if there’s no reply within 30 days. No one closed it.


Hmm 30 days? Last reply in that topic was 23 days ago.

Anyways, anybody looking into this? Any updates?

There was an update that fixed this a while ago. You shouldn’t still have the issues. What version of MetaMask are you using?

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It’s 10.24.2 and it’s still slow. Mobile is really good but desktop takes too much time to load before signing a TX.

If only I can upload a video to show. And it’s been like this since 10.22.2 and 10.23.2, only a slight improvement occurred between versions as per my experiment.

Update: I just updated my Chrome and now it’s way better. This topic may be closed now.


Hooray! Glad it’s working better :smiley: ! Thanks for sharing the update to Chrome helped push it along too. It will help others searching for this topic.


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