Our NFT is in the form of an mp4 file, but the NFT appears only as an image #17311

We just minted our NFT.

However, we minted our NFT in mp4 format. However, it does not appear properly, so the NFT appears in the form of an alternative image.

We wrote the metadata in the form outlined in MetaMask’s Developer Documentation.
I want to include the link, but it doesn’t allow me to upload the links so our medata can be checked on BSCScan, using the contract address aboce

If we register the corresponding NFT in OPENSEA, it will be displayed well in MP4 format.

But in MetaMask, it shows like the images below.

It shows up perfectly in Opensea and is not well functioned in MetaMask and because of this reason, it doesn’t seem to be a problem with metadata.

Please have a look at this issue and help us solve it.
(ex. Give us feedback like Size of the MP4 file is too big)

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Hello @FD_KEVIN !
Welcome to MetaMask community !)

Please check this topic:


Thanks for your suggestion! Yes I also issued on MetaMask-mobile as well!
Hope the dev team check the issue fastly to solve our problem.

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Had to remove parts of your post, so it’s not sharing the specific project images.

If you create an issue on Github, can you please share the issue # here so I can share with the team?


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I have the same problem. The .mp4 is not displayed in MetaMask, and works perfectly in the rest of platforms.

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