Pancake swap issues ... Token address?

Hi, very new to cypto but iv managed to fiddle my way through.

I managed to get some bnb into my metamask wallet to then connect to pancake swap to swap it into some ASS tokens. it was successful but now its not showing in my wallet? Think i have found that i need to create a token in the custom token section which it will then recognise and then show me the tokens/coins. iv sussed i just use ASS as the token symbol and the token precision is decimal of 9 but the address is confusing me is it the address of ASS from BSC?

Any help would be appreciated thanks

Hi Michael you mean Australian Safe Shepherd token?
Try contract address: 0x7c63f96feafacd84e75a594c00fac3693386fbf0

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Hi Luigi,

That seems to have worked. The amount i have keeps changing is this normal? also as its been over a day since i made the swap the amount i have isnt the same as the amount i got in the transaction on bs scan?

5 % of buys :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Reflected among holders
5 % of sells :upside_down_face: Reflected among holders

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection while watching their balance of $ASS grow indefinitely :grin: hehe

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I have so much to learn!!! Does this mean this one is a good one to just hold onto for a while?Appreciate the help and no doubt ill make a load of mistakes along the way but we all have to start somewhere. thanks again