Unsure token location

I recently bought a $hit coin that’s not showing up in my wallet. The swap on pancake went through ok. Etherscan said the tokens were sent to my address any advice would be outstanding. Thanks here’s the transaction hash.


My wallet address

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P.S. the balance for the bee token comes up zero. Duh but thought I’d add that.

Pancakeswap is BSC network so your coins are in BSC not Ethereum network. Make sure to add the Binance Smart Chain network to Metamask, and then you can change to the BSC network and add your BEE token contract address (0xd8e64547575ca0439166fb883aadbbd274c3b3a9), you should see your coins then.

I checked your wallet address on bscscan and your BEE tokens show up there: 137,919,000,000,000,000 Tokens

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I have been trading on BSC so I believe I’ve done all that correctly. That’s what’s so weird about this for me? Was going to screenshot to show Bee on the BSC but apparently new users can’t post pics.

There is something fishy here, because according to the contract the total supply of BEE tokens 1,000,000,000,000,000, so how could you buy 137, 919,000,000,000,000?

Right, but it was only 2 dollars for that many so I just went for it. Thanks for lending you expertise buddy.

Not having the coins isn’t what’s bothering me. How did they get the transaction to go through on etherscan is what truly has me puzzled.

Try adding this contract address: 0x6d52e725a19ba13c6c2e2ccffbe3563729a523cf

And see what coin comes up. It says Pancakeswap BEE 55, I am on my phone now and I only have BSC network added on my computer.

But that is the address that appears as the transaction coin.

Once loaded it comes up as cake-lp. So that also did not work

ah, ok. I am out of ideas :unamused:

Hi , I just sent Petron to my wallet 4 days and still not showing in the wallet