Balance is showing 0


I connected metamsk wallet to pancake and swapped BNB for Barbie

the Barbie amount was correct for a second in the wallet then it changed to 0

while checking with BscScan the token are still there but it doesn’t show in my wallet, any help?

BNB network and the token are add to the wallet

wallet address: 0xFc5C60B0aFd1F5c78bFC1eEC3D0692682c09d6a6

tx hash: 0x58e568aaa17a62d85c0be863c9598655fe062567e1dbf1c363541f7d51544612

hi @KHLY , welcome to MetaMask community.

The token is still in your wallet, follow the instructions in the article to add the contract address.
If you have added the correct contract address and the balance still shows 0, it should only be a temporary display problem, don’t worry, the explorer’s data is the most accurate.

by the way:
1, you have spent almost all bnb in this transaction, and you may not have enough bnb as gas for your subsequent transactions. You can transfer bnb from exchanges or other wallets.

2, another token newly transferred to your wallet may be a spam, please do not buy or exchange it at will.


Contract address is added yes but Thanks. i hope display problem is temp, and for the spam token i noticed and im not planning to touch it.

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It’s probably a scam :point_down:



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