Really bad mistake

Hi all, hope you can help me with this.
I bought a new coin and i was supposed to swap it for bnb on pancakeswap, using metamask. Im using bsc mainnet.
By mistake i swapped for usdt. (not any problem with the coin, i cashed out to bnb before and all went good)
Now my token balance is gone. I added the usdt token to my metamask account but it shows 0.
The trasaction seem to be completed on bscscan.
This is really confusing, i hope i didn’t lost everything.
Any help would be great!

Hi SixFive

  1. enter your ETH address on the page
  2. click on Token: select your USDT and copy contract address
  3. add custom token

Read :point_down: How to add a custom token?

only example picture :smile: :point_down: