Swapped BNB to token on pancake swap. But tokens not showing up on meta mask

swapped bnb for this token on pancake swap. Transaction is on BSCscan but no tokens in my meta mask wallet. Come somone help me, I dont understand where my tokens are.

Hello, the token you exchanged is in your wallet. You only need to add the contract address to your wallet address to see it, but I found that the token you exchanged is owned by less than 200 addresses. Are you sure the token source is reliable?

CZ contract address: 0x7cfe2e5a1bd39c6e452e08045789fc4175d04dd8
Mshoot contract address: 0xc1ba39aa77f901f3b5c88f53606050cc90c5b88e
The two tokens you bought look very suspicious. Can you tell me where you learned about them?


ust off a friend. I added the contract address for CZ but it states i still have 0 tokens in my meta mask wallet. why is this ?

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Hello @sjones999 and welcome to the community.

I’ve deleted your other topic as it was a copy paste of this one and it wasn’t necessary.
As @Tksly responded above as well, the tokens are in your wallet, and the contract address for CZ INU that Tksly shared with you is valid.

Did you add the BNB Chain network to your MetaMask wallet and then imported the CZ INU token contract address 0x7cfe2E5A1bD39C6e452e08045789Fc4175d04dd8 ?
Going to share this article with you, just to make sure you have all the information you need in order to be able to see the token in your MetaMask wallet.


yes I have done these steps. Still shows zero for token number

Just like the link pasted by @chinzilla, you need to add the contract addresses of these two coins to your wallet. I listed their contract addresses for you above. Please check the link sent by @Chinzilla

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Checked your hash, the token you exchanged should exist in your wallet, you need to manually add the token contract: 0x7cfe2E5A1bD39C6e452e08045789Fc4175d04dd8

You can also look here to add custom tokens


I just saw that you have made a post and have answered your question in great detail, can’t it be displayed yet? You need to add and view it on the BSC chain

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i have done this, it still states zero tokens i own ?

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