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Hey Team ,
So i Lost my Secret recovery code and I’m looking forward to it if I can get it back by any means.
I still remember my Password, last 2 words of recovery code , my transactions that happened , how much coins of each kind I’ve at my wallet and stuff like that. Unfortunately my phone was stolen yesterday & I had code under it hurried. is there anything the team can help me with ? Because I’m just a student trynna get my hands on something & Metamask was like a hope. I mean I know the password still I can’t get hands on my wallet , that sounds bad.

The password is a completely irrelevant thing. If you forget your password, you can reset your wallet, use Recovery Phrase to restore your wallet, and set a new password.
The role of the password is only to prevent others from using your device to directly access your wallet to steal assets without your knowledge.
Why don’t you just write up the Recovery Phrase and put it in the house, but store it on your phone?
If the team can tell you the Recovery Phrase, then anyone using MM’s asset is the team’s, not theirs.

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Well I pretty much know I’ve messed up this time. Actually my account is pretty new like Few weeks old & i forgot to note down the security key so I thought if I can get my account back using password. Still thanks for the reply

Hopefully you’ll keep your important stuff in a safe place next time.

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