Payment "failed" but took the full amount from my account

Good Afternoon,

I have just tried purchasing $50 worth of ETH (minimum amount) so I could pay a very minimal fee via Gnosis. I paid via Transak which failed x 2 times and on the third time it looked like it had gone through (I confirmed the transaction number from my bank account). It took the money then came up with a notice saying the transaction had failed but not to worry I had not been charged, however I the $50 had been deducted in full.

Please advise. The transaction is marked as "“FAILED” on MetaMask so there is not transaction number linked to it but the money has 100% come out of my bank.

Please advise.

Wait to see if you get the ETH anyway. I haven’t done it through Metamask but when I buy on Binance with my credit card, Binance says Transaction failed, the money is taken out of my bank account, and after a while the Crypto appears on my Binance account anyway.

any updates from your problem? Im having the same problem i buy eth , it says transaction failed but i didn’t retrieve my deducted amount.